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How do I setup a Gerber Infinity Plotter with StyleCAD?

Infinity 45 plotter Software Installation with StyleCAD

Pre Requirement for Installation: 

If any version of Sentinel Protection software is installed(most likely when you installed StyleCAD on to the computer), please uninstall it. The Winplot program will attempt to install Sentinel Protection software while installation and if any version of it is found, installation will not complete the software settings and won’t run properly even though all of the required files to the computer. 

Installation process for software: 

1. Open the installation Disc or installation folder likely named ‘accumark8.2.1’ 
2. Go into ‘WinPlot’ folder 
3. Run ‘Setup.exe’ in WinPlot folder 
4. Press ‘Next’ at initial installation prompt 
5. Press’Yes’ at license Agreement 
6. Either choose desired destination folder or leave it as default. Default location :C:\Program Files\Gerber Technology\AccuMark V8 Press ‘Next’after completing installation destination folder. 
7. Select ‘Typical’ at Setup Type and press ‘Next’ 
8. Select ‘no, do NOT install Algotex’ at Choose Install and press ‘Next’ 
9. Setup will continue and when finished, it will prompt for Problem Enhancement and Report Utility application. Press ‘OK’ 
10. Press ‘Next’ at Gerber Problem and Enhancement Report Utility installation start 
11. Select destination folder or just press ‘Next’ 
Default location :C:\Program Files\Gerber Technology\Problem Report\ 12. Press ‘Next’ at Confirm Installation 
13. Press ‘Close’ when Installation Complete 
14. Setup will prompt for GTLM Security application, press ‘OK’ 
15. Press ‘Next’ at initial GTLM Security installation. 
You might have to open up the GTLM Security –InstallShield Wizard window from the task pane if installation window is hidden behind previous installation window. 
16. Press ‘Finish’ when Installation Completes. 
If you encountered any error message, it means you didn’t uninstall the previous version of Sentinel protection software. Please uninstall all the programs installed in previous steps and Sentinel Protection software, then, restart the installation process from Step 1. 
17. Installation will prompt to load license files for AccuMark Program. Just disregard the message and Press ‘OK’ 
18. Press ‘Finish’ when installation Completes 
19. Installation window will close and ‘read me’ file will open. You can close the ‘read me’ file. 

Software Configuration:


    Gerber Device Configuration: 

    1. Go to control panel of the Windows System 
    2. If view setting is set to ‘Category’ at the top right corner, select either ‘Large icons’ or Small icons’ 
    3. Find and open ‘Gerber Devices’ in Control Panel. If you encounter error opening the ‘Gerber Devices’ it means you had error message during the installation process but disregarded it. Please follow the installation process steps carefully by removing all of the Gerber softwares and Sentinel Protection software from the computer. Most likely, if the StyleCAD software is installed before the WinPlot software, the Sentinel Protection Software that installed along with StyleCAD software is causing the problem. Please remove the Sentinel Protection Software from the computer before starting Installation Process of Winplot software. 
    4. Select ‘Gerber Infinity 45 (inf-45)’ under Type at the top right corner of Gerber Device Configuration 
    5. It will grey out all the fields except for under Settings ‘Output: COM 1’ and ‘Baud Rate: 19200’ Select the appropriate Com port and Baud Rate. 
    6. Press ‘OK’, then Restart Plotter Program window will appear 
    7. Select ‘Finish active jobs’ and uncheck ‘Advance paper when done’, then press ‘OK’ 
    8. If Plotter Shutdown Progress window does not disappear, press ‘Finish Now’, then Gerber Device Configuration window will close 

    WinPlot Configuration: 

    1. Go to Computer(My computer) 
    2. Go to Local Disk C: if you installed Winplot to its default location. 
    3. Go to Program Files 
    4. Go to Gerber Technology 
    5. Go to AccuMark V8 
    6. Go to WinPlot 
    7. Right Click on ‘winplot.exe’ and select ‘copy’ 
    8. Go to the desktop of the computer and right click and select ‘Paste Shortcut’ 
    9. Open WinPlot.exe program or the shortcut you just made 
    10. Select ‘Configuration’ at the left bottom of the WinPlot window 
    11. WinPlot Comfiguration window and a prompt for ‘Refresh Settings’ button to apply changed settings will appear. Press ‘OK’ at the prompt 
    12. Go to ‘Spooler’ tab at the top menus 
    13. Check ‘Enabled’, then select the Default Location to C:\PLT, If you do not have the PLT folder at C:\ already, please make one now. 
    14. Do not close WinPlot Configuration window and Go to ‘HPGL Files’ tab at the top menus of WinPlot Configuration window 
    15. By default, input Units is 1016. Change it to 1000. If this is incorrect, it will change the calibration of the plotter depending on the plotter driver you select in StyleCAD Output Manager software. For ‘STYLECAD MARKER PLOTTER’ driver we will be using, correct value is 1000. 
    16. Press ‘OK’ to exit the WinPlot Configuration 
    17. Press ‘Refresh Settings’ on WinPlot window 
    18. You can check if the computer and the plotter have proper connections by pressing ‘add’ button at the WinPlot software, Select and add any Samples PLT files at the default opened folder, then press ‘Plot’ button at the WinPlot software to see if infinity 45 plotter plots through WinPlot software. 
    19. Either put the WinPlot program in as one of start-up programs in the windows or instruct the user to open WinPlot program all the time or it won’t plot automatically. 

    StyleCAD Output Manager Configuration: 

    1. Open Output Manager Program 
    2. Under Settings menu, select ‘Plotter Configuration' 
    3. Select ‘STYLECAD MARKER PLOTTER’ under Plotter Model 
    4. Uncheck ‘Plotter’ and check ‘Save To File’ under Output Destinations 
    5. Select the ‘File Output Directory’ to C:\PLT 
    6. Uncheck ‘Auto Screen Pause (No Plot) 
    7. Change Frame Length to 3000 and Paper Width accordingly to use 
    8. Press ‘Save as Default’ 
    9. Under Settings menu, ‘select Plotter Drivers’, make sure ‘HPGL’ is selected 
    10. Plot 30”x30” square to see if everything is setup properly and check calibration. 
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