Software Setup, Errors, and General Questions

How do I setup a server for use with StyleCAD 5-7 Network Version?

StyleCAD Network Version 5 and higher Server Installation


StyleCAD 5.0 Net 5-7 Server supports Windows 2000 or Windows XP/Vista only. 

Windows ME/98/95 are not supported.


Share the local hard drive to allow the stations to login and access the StyleCAD

files.  To learn more about the sharing local hard drive, please refer to Windows 

Mapping document.



Windows Firewall can block the network key license authorization.  Disable the windows Firewall or

perform Add Port (Exceptions tab) to add UDP port 6001.  This is the port number used by the Sentinel

network key to authorize network license to the workstation.


Also, some anti-virus type software such as Norton Internet Security program and others are known to

block the socket connection necessary for network license authorization.  If the workstation software fails

to get the license, try disabling/uninstalling these anti-virus software from both the server and workstation.


  1. Insert the StyleCAD Network 5-7 Server CD to CDROM.  Installation program

          will automatically start. 


  1. Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for StyleCAD.  Click Next.



  1. License Agreement.  Click Next.



  1. Customer Information.  Enter User Name and Company Name.  Click Next.



  1. Choose Destination Location.  Click Next.



  1. Setup Type. Click Next.




  1. Program Folder.  Click Next.



  1. SuperPro Service Loader. Click Install Service. For a computer that StyleCAD

          was installed previously, click Remove Service first. Then restart the installation 

          from the beginning. 



           SentinelSuperPro Service Loader.  Click OK.



  1. Enter StyleCAD Code.  Please enter 12-digit code issued from your distributor.

(Please contact your local StyleCAD distributor for the code if you don’t have one.)


  1. TechSmith Screen Capture Codec Installation.  Click Install.   For version 6 and higher, this step is skipped.



  1. Question.  Click Yes.



  1. InstallShield Wizard Complete.  Click Finish.


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