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How do I configure Windows Mapping services?

Windows Mapping


StyleCAD Network 5.0 requires a proper network mapping from the workstation computers to the server computer.  
The computers must have working network interface cards and Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system installed.


To find out the server computer’s name


Right-click My Computer, select Properties\Network Identification to find out the server computer’s full name.  


* To rename the computer, click properties.  It is recommended to use a meaningful name such as ScadServer or TrainServer.





Sharing a local hard drive for the server computer


  1. Double-click My Computer.


  1. Right-click Local Disk (C:), select Sharing. 


  1. Click New Share.  



  1. Enter C and click OK.




Mapping to the server from the workstations


Right-click My Computer and select Map Network Drive…

Choose letter G for Drive and enter \\YourServerName\C for Folder.

Click Finish.


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