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How can Spyware affect StyleCAD?

Spyware Effects on StyleCAD

With the amount of Spam and Spyware creeping into users' systems these days, it's important to know how these pieces of unauthorized software affect StyleCAD. 

The best form of defense is to keep StyleCAD systems disconnected from the internet. Sometimes this isn't possible, so users might try installing anti-spyware programs. Although we cannot recommend any specific spyware removal programs, our users and technicians have found success with programs like Ad-Aware and Spyware Doctor. 

Because of the way Spyware affects the user's computer system, StyleCAD's DLL files could be affected. We've received reports of Spyware and some Spyware removers to copy, move, or block some of StyleCAD's DLL files. This could cause StyleCAD errors such as the grading panel's disappearance or a corrupt ODBC database. 

The user can take several precautions to recover from such a failure. First of all, backup your ODBC databases (the databases StyleCAD uses to store software information) frequently. This will ensure that a recent version is available incase the user needs to reset the database. If users find themselves with DLL errors due to Spyware, they can use their original StyleCAD CD to reinstall the software files. This will clear up the software from any errors that Spyware may have caused. 
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