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How do I import AutoCAD DXF files into StyleCAD?

Importing AutoCAD DXF Files into StyleCAD

StyleCAD has the ability to import AutoCAD DXF files directly, as long as the DXF file contains the standard Polyline, Line and Bezier curve commands. Other complicated Splines are not yet supported by StyleCAD. 

Both PDS/Grading and Marking can import DXF files from AutoCAD. The instructions below apply to all modules, and includes added reference for importing DXF markers into the Marking module.  

Here is the typical procedure for importing AutoCAD DXF files into StyleCAD. 

    1. Create a new Style File - If using StyleCAD 5.0, first open an existing style file or create a new one with File -> New Style. If using StyleCAD 6.0, a style file does not need to be open before importing any files. 

    2. Import into StyleCAD - Go to File -> Import DXF File

    3. Select your desired DXF file - You can import the file from any folder on your computer or on a network. 

    4. Select the Import Format - In this case, we're selecting the AutoCAD format. 

    5. StyleCAD processes the file - StyleCAD processes the DXF file and shows a report when the process is completed. 

    6. Save the imported file in a style - When using Marking to import a DXF file, StyleCAD asks you if you'd like to save the DXF file to a style file. If your imported DXF file is a marker, StyleCAD ads the newly imported marker to the style file that was just created. 
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