Import/Export Questions

Can I import StyleCAD markers sent to me from another company without a matching style file? 

Import Markers Without a Style File

Yes. Please follow these steps to do so. In this example, we'll be importing a marker file called 1_x.mrk by creating a dummy style file called 1.sty.

    1. In PDS, create a new style and name it "1".

    2. Accept the default sizes and click OK.

    3. In Marking, select Open Marker from the File menu.

    4. Select 1.sty from the folder you saved the file in.

    5. Select Import Marker from the File menu.

    6. Select the marker file you want to import (in this case, 1_x.mrk).

    7. Click OK to overwrite the previous marker.

    8. Select Open Marker from the File menu.

    9. Select the marker named "x" from the marker list. This is the marker we imported called "1_x.mrk".

    10. The marker is now visible on the screen.

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