StyleCAD's Marker Making System

StyleCAD has introduced a system for creating markers that is unmatched in its cost saving benefits.
With ease of use and efficiency in the creation of fabric-saving markers,
StyleCAD's marker making system has no competition.

StyleCAD's marker making system allows the user to quickly and easily make a 
marker by creating a marking order using existing patterns, and then create the
marker itself by clicking and dragging the patterns onto the marking area. The user has many tools at his disposal for arranging the pattern pieces in the desired location.  

StyleCAD's marker making system allows for incredible flexibility in the project workflow. For example, the user may create up to 100 marker groups with various fabric types, and list up to 40 sizes per marker. The user may also update pattern designs without redoing the marker. 

StyleCAD's system also includes fabric pattern matching control, which allows users to correctly create pieces using fabric that has plaids, stripes, and 5-point references. This is perfect for any industry that requires matching fabrics on various pieces to one another.

StyleCAD allows the user to use a wide array of automatic cutting machines for use with the system. In addition, the user may quickly and easily set the cut direction and sequence control for pieces before cutting. The user may also set the lay direction by bundle, size, or one way.  This allows for a completely customizable marking experience.

Other time and money saving features include the ability to print a mini marker using a conventional printer, convenient on-screen marker reports and the ability to export it to Excel, the ability to merge multiple markers, and the ability to save up to 10 snapshots of each marker for comparison.

StyleCAD's marker making system uses the most cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase

productivity when creating markers.

  • User friendly and option-packed marker order entry screen and order reentry feature. 

  • Supports up to 100 marker groups (fabric types) and 40 sizes. 

  • Complete Fusible Block tools and Buffering tools. 

  • Simple drag and slide marking tool. 

  • Sophisticated error checking ensures marker integrity. 

  • Pattern can be rotated freely, 180o or 90o angle. 

  • Saves up to 10 user selected snapshot markers for comparison. 

  • Updates pattern design changes without undoing the marker. 

  • Pattern can be overlapped or placed outside fabric

  • Lay direction control by bundle, size or one way

  • Fabric Pattern Matching control (Plaid, Stripe, 5 Point). 

  • Cut Direction/Sequence control for automatic cutting machinery. 

  • Detailed Mini-marker printout with photo images, including Fabric Yield. 

  • Fabric yield computation for multiple sections and styles. 

  • Multiple markers can be merged together. 

  • Additional text may be added anywhere on a marker and plotted. 

  • Minor modifications may be made within the marking module, such as changing the notch size / types

  • Powerful automatic size ratio adjustment. 

  • Convenient On-Screen Marker report and Export to Excel feature.

StyleCAD was founded in 1996 and is based in the United States.
We are a leading designer of CAD systems, serving the apparel, furniture, industrial and automotive design industries.
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