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Graduando una Blusa Larga

AutoMarcados Secciones Horizontales & Verticales

Característica de Empalme

Mejoras en la función de Manejo de Curvas

Función de Costura en Esquina

PDS V11 - C Pasos Rápidos

Graduación Línea arriba

Paquetes Agrupados después de Auto-Marcada

Ajuste Automático de bloques

Atajos en Marcadas

Impar / Par  y  Nº Grupo por Trazo

Dart Transfer Amount QuickStep

Auto-Nesting Inside Pieces with Holes

Dart Blending

Shaker Feature

Number Tag Feature

New Section Blending Options

Fusible Blocks in PDS

NB with ALT QuickStep to Hold the Grading

Rotate and Align Selected Sections

Binding from a Designated Starting Point

Round Seam Corner and Transition Angle
Seam Corner Length Control
G Dart and Pivot Dart

Multiple Markers in an Order

 Pivot Dart: One Side Rotation
Not So Well-known Great Features

Pattern Name List

Seam Corner Matching Techniques

Piece To Piece Plaid Control

Tall Pieces In Horizontal Division Marker

Zoom in and out in Marking

DXF Import Techniques
Segment Length Tool
Stacking Pieces in Marking V11
Recent Style File and Close Style
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