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AutoMarking System

StyleCAD's Automarker System is by far, the fastest automarker in the industry today. The system is designed for ease of use and flexibility in today's high-paced production environment. The cutting-edge system helps save on material and high-skilled labor costs, and eliminates costly and unnecessary human errors.  

StyleCAD's Automarker system allows the user to automatically nest a virtually unlimited number of pieces by using the powerful sectional marker feature.  The system saves the 10 best nesting results as snapshots, allowing the user to compare results and view the progression of efficiency. The system also allows up to 5 additional marker widths and this allows the user to select the best fabric width for a given order. 

StyleCAD's Automarker system also has many features that help assist the operator in the autonesting process. For example, the operator may select the Partial Automarking feature to help combine the benefits of the user's experience, as well as the computer's processing power. The user may also load the job queue with an unlimited number of jobs and leave the system unattended while the computer does all the work. 

All in all, StyleCAD's Automarker system is simply the best autonester in the industry.  Countless users worldwide have made the choice to increase productivity and reduce costs. Users can recover the cost of the Automarker within a few months of use.

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