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Grading Module

Before the introduction of Pattern Xpert, what truly stood out in StyleCAD was the grading module. Everyone who used/reviewed earlier version of StyleCAD agreed that the grading module is the best in the industry. In higher versions, we kept everything that the users loved and refined all the tools to make it even more powerful.


It satisfies users of all levels: from novices to experts. StyleCAD's unique RealTime grading provides a truly intuitive grading experience. We have paid meticulous attention to even minute details. Beginners appreciate the very well thought-out Grading Panel.  Expert users appreciate being able to grade patterns without taking their hands off the keyboard. Simple Copy/Paste operation works with one or more grading points. As a matter of fact, all tools work with one or more grading points. Grading rules can be applied without having to pop up a data entry window that breaks the rhythm.  

StyleCAD's grading module has all the advanced tools one would ever need. Grading ruffles is easy with the Radial Grading Tool and the Floating Notches. Matching piece length is easy with the Perimeter Grading Tool. Grading multiple cut pieces can be one of the most difficult tasks but the Intermediate Grading Tool makes it remarkably easy.  Grading armhole and sleeve pieces can be performed with precision with the Perimeter Grading Tool. Fancy but less frequently used Automatic Grading Tool allows grading an entire piece all at once by applying grading data from a similar piece. 

Our benchmark tests against other leading products have shown that StyleCAD allows the users to save a very significant amount of time during grading. 


Once you enjoy the power of StyleCAD, you would not want to go back to the others. We guarantee.

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