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PDS Pattern Expert

StyleCAD developers have tried very hard to make Pattern Xpert to resemble manual pattern making method.  Therefore Pattern Xpert has introduced very powerful drafting tools such as various types of guide line, curve bending tool, rotate/flip tool, trim/extend tool and simple copy/paste operation. All tools work in very consistent manner and at the same time with very little limitations.  


Not all curves are made equal! StyleCAD boasts the best curve quality among all CAD programs. Plotted curve quality is simply outstanding and has earned praises from users all over the world.  Most curves are represented beautifully with just 2-4 curve points and the dragging behavior feels very natural to the user.  Unlike some of the industry leading products, StyleCAD uses double precision floating point numbers internally to store data and the result is the most accuracy possible.

StyleCAD's patented idea QuickStep allows the power users to save time by skipping laborious data entry windows.  Everywhere you look, StyleCAD is packed with time saving ideas. Typical time-consuming operations such as adding darts, curve blending, seams, manipulating seam corners and notches can be done in seconds.


StyleCAD uses multimedia to its full potential. Examples are sound feedback on lengthy operations and extensive use of visual aids in help videos. All these things combined make Pattern Xpert one of the most user friendly programs available.


Pattern makers who are proficient in StyleCAD have told us that Pattern Xpert is truly the very first CAD program they felt they must have.  No more manual pattern making and digitizing.  So many pattern makers are now making patterns from scratch using Pattern Xpert. Not because they are told to but because they want to! 

The bottom line is this. If you are in the market for a truly professional Pattern CAD program, all our competitors fall short. 

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