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About Us

Founded in 1996 and based in the United States, we are a leading designer of CAD systems, serving the apparel, furniture, industrial and automotive design industries.

Our Goal

is to help meet customer's needs and help them become more productive

Our Vision

is to provide our customers with the easiest and most intuitive CAD system without compromising features

Our Belief

is that an ideal workplace should be where designers can express their creativity freely without being hindered by unfriendly tools

Our Promise

We continue to develop new ways and improve old methods by closely cooperating with our customers and understanding their needs immediately

Our Commitments

Product Quality

Our products go through rigorous and exhaustive testing 
and beta-site testing

Innovative Solutions

We put a lot of effort in developing cutting-edge products. 
We're constantly conducting research and development

Our Distributors

StyleCAD is available in all continents.

User Testimonials

Our commitment to developing quality, streamlined products is a testament to our values of excellence as a software company.

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