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Furniture Industry

  • Fabric Flow Matching

  • Custom Order Processing

  • Dynamic Configuration

Customer Demands

Lower design & development time to meet your customer demands. Trends and styles are constantly changing, making it difficult for the manufacturers to keep up with the new trends and styles. Stylecad helps manufacturers freely experiment with their designs and quickly respond to the ever changing consumer demands.

Cost Reduction

One major challenge in the furniture industry is the increasing costs of materials. By increasing the final price manufacturers risk losing business to the competition and consequently losing their market share. StyleCAD offers the solution to manage and maximize the utilization of material in order to reduce the costs.

Flow Matching

Manufacturers in the furniture industry are constantly confronted with challenges in marker making when the selected fabric features a repeating pattern. With StyleCAD fabric flow matching system, pattern on each cut will match perfectly when stitched to its adjacent pieces for a harmonious pattern flow.

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