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PDS, Grading & Marking Software

Our customer survey has revealed 30%-50% productivity improvement



Sophie, Ex-Gerber User

"I have enjoyed operating both StyleCAD and Gerber, but given the choice I would pick StyleCAD any day. Its clean, simple, intuitive interface and its ability to effectively communicate with other systems makes it a much more sensible and useful program for the industry. 
I have never used a function in Gerber that wasn't in StyleCAD, and in almost every circumstance StyleCAD is easier to use and better designed. StyleCAD takes far less time to digitize and grade patterns, and the help and support is fantastic. I recommend StyleCAD to anyone using digital pattern making software, even those considering making the switch after using Gerber for years." Thanks again guys!

User Friendly

Laptop & Coffee

StyleCAD employs the latest GUI technology available in Windows, such as multiple windows, dockable floating toolbars, tooltips, dropdown menus, shortcut keys and customizable floating toolbars. Data entry into many forms is remembered for next time. Many years of refined industry expertise went into the system engineering and design. StyleCAD displays the most frequently used information in plain sight and no information is more than a single mouse click away.

Time Saver


SoftFashion engineers and industry experts have spent countless hours identifying most time-consuming tasks and have streamlined the procedures to improve throughput. As a result, StyleCAD can boast the fastest grading and marking speed in the industry. Studies have shown that a typical productivity increase of 40% during digitizing, pattern grading, design and modification, and marker creation. 


Crafting Desk

Innovative use of multimedia, such as sound feedback and images, associated with pattern files, markers and manufacturing data. Built-in email feature allows the user to send work in progress, such as a marker, to a remote site, where it can be imported easily. 


Gear System Shadow

Seamless integration between modules. Instant switching between Pattern Design and Grading module. For example, automatic re-grading after modification of pattern piece or availability of marker information for cost computation.

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